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The Wedding Cake..."one of the most important cakes you'll ever eat"...Make sure its GREAT

Whether your cake is tiered, stacked or naked, it has to be delicious! All wedding cakes are begun with a consult via email or by phone. I will set up a time for us to sit down and taste cake, fillings and buttercreams so you can create the perfect cake. The form of your cake is important. It should coinside with your theme or venue. All stands,props and cake plates are not included.You need to have enough cake for your guests but you are not limited to any size if you just want to go BIG. I look forward to being at YOUR wedding so you can tell your friends you've been Kaked by Kim

 Cake is priced by the serving.

I deliver and set up all my wedding cakes with a reasonable fee.

All stands,props or cakes plates are to be provided by the client.

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